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Rostock Skyline

Home sweet home

Rostock. This small city, founded in 1218 is my wonderful hometown. Actually it’s an amazing place to be. Even when most of the 200.000 inhabitants don’t seem very open in the end they all warm up and get along with anybody from anywhere in the world. Germany’s beautiful Baltic sea coast has this one major and historical city.

Seriously it is such a dream to grow up that close to the beach. After 6 years there was not one summer I could make it to Rostock but now I will. This year is dedicated to my hometown and this beautiful environment with all that space and potential. So far…

Just wanted to mention that I am back. And as I have a full time job I will stay here for the next time.

Manhattan Skyline

Statistics of 3 months New York City

It has been a long time I took care of my blog but now I am back! Back at home actually – so there will be again a lot stuff going on. Stuff like updates about the past jobs, projects and experiences but also my plans for the upcoming time. The cold time of the year begun but today (right after I’m done here with this post) I will jump on my beloved bicycle to take it out for a bit. Wasn’t riding now for a really long time – oh gosh I’m so excited!!!

Anyways… I summarized my past 3 months and publish them here to show you guys that this was just insane ;-) But life just started right..??

  • 3 months / 13 weeks / around 91 days
  • 60 castings (up to 15 a week)
  • 5 runway shows / presentations
  • 11 photoshoots (4 test shoots)
  • 15 places I stayed at (thanks to all my wonderful hosts!!!)
  • Took the subway in average 5 times a day
  • Every day I spent at least 2 hours underground
  • Swiped my unlimited metro card 400 – 600 times

NY-places-1 NY-places-2

Oh and by the way let’s talk about New Yorks MTA and their subway statistics. I spent so much time down there… I really love the subway over there!

  • 24 subway lines with about 600 available cars (340 bus routes and 5700 buses)
  • 468 subway stations (280 are underground)
  • 656 miles, or 1,056 km of tracks
  • subway rides on weekdays 5,380,000 which are 1,650,000,000 rides a year (both 2012)
photo behind the scenes at Siemenssteg

new gallery uploaded! now it’s your turn

This version of myScorpion is focused on displaying images, galleries and simple visual highlights. As I really would like to know what my fellows opinion is I just added a voting plugin (NextGEN Gallery Voting) to WordPress. Now you’re able to either rate, like/dislike or favor an image or complete gallery.

Yesterday I received the photos of that one outdoor shooting in Charlottenburg (Berlin). The photographer, Bernhard Labecki, joined me and Alex while we where working out there at Siemenssteg at the 12th of January.

This time I’d like to allow you guys to choose which photos are the best. The most favored ones will be published on facebook and MK.


*UPDATE: Sorry had to remove the voting plugin.

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photo shoot with bu.ce photography in Hamburg

Can you imagine how it is to work between Xmas and New Years Eve? At the 27th and 28th of Dec I traveled to Hamburg. There I should’ve had two photo shoots. One with fotogreif in the so called HafenCity and another one with a guy called Burkhard (see bu.ce photography at MK or FB). For results and infos about fotogreif stay tuned. I’ll report later..

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photo russian Labrador

outdoor shooting Berlin

Last weekend I met my friend Thijs in Berlin to bring him into the modelling branch. After I met him we went into that Café where I always meet Lilly, my agent. Announced was an outdoor shooting tho, I was prepared. But Thijs was dumb enough to store his suite case in that Café so that he had to run the whole way back to get some new cloth :-D Dude? You’re an idiot!

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